Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't Let Your Insurance Carrier Take Advantage of You!

Here at Cheriff & Fink, P.C., we are often in the position of pursuing claims with our clients' own automobile insurance carriers following a motor vehicle accident. Despite paying for certain protections, insurance carriers often make it very difficult for their own insureds (their customers and our clients) to make such claims. 

Specifically, underinsurance or uninsured coverage, also known as SUM coverage, is coverage afforded to you by your own insurance company to compensate you if the offending vehicle is uninsured or underinsured. Underinsured means your injury or damages exceed the coverage afforded by the other vehicle. Uninsured means the vehicle that struck you has no-coverage at all. 

In situations where this coverage applies, carriers often fight their customers and make them jump through a bevy of hoops simply to proceed forward with such a claim.

Recently, we took our client's carrier to task when it sought to stall and delay our client's SUM claim with a variety of tactics. Fortunately, the Court hearing the dispute agreed with us and shot down the carrier's delay attempts. The Court's decision can be read here: 


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